What is EcoWisdom.ca?


EcoWisdom provides virtual and onsite services that facilitate human’s embodied understanding of their connection to the natural world. Through activities such as forest bathing (shinrin-yoku) and nature-based mindfulness, meditation, contemplation, and education, in addition to a range of creative activities, participants can receive individual and collective benefits while supporting the health of their bioregion.

Ultimately, we believe that what is good for us as a human species is that which nourishes our home, Mother Earth. By fostering a deep relationship with creation, we hope to support bringing humans back into a state of balance within themselves, their communities, and as a part of the earth’s ecosystem.

The EcoWisdom Forest Preserve is comprised of 200 acres of land with forests, wetlands, streams, and a river. Located close to Algonquin Park, it is an important animal habitat for moose, wolves, lynx, deer, elk, and bear. The goals of the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve are to:  

1. Protect the forest and its plant and animal biodiversity

2. Offer nature contemplation/ appreciation activities

3. Provide environmental education

Our work integrates the sociological, psychological and spiritual with the biological and ecological.The EcoWisdom approach values the wisdom that exists within natural systems such as rewilding / natural regeneration that can help restore equilibrium and equanimity.

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