How to contribute to EcoWisdom

By participating in an EcoWisdom program, you will be contributing to the:

• preservation of animal habitat

• protection of forests, plants, mosses and lichen

• moderation of climate change impacts by supporting the health of thousands of trees

We have a growing team of people who are offering their support in various ways. We all volunteer in order to allocate resources to achieving the goals of our forest management plan. Our team includes a former academic health researcher, a high school teacher, mindfulness teachers, spiritual directors, an architect, psychotherapists, massage therapists, community leaders, yoga/meditation teachers and university students.

Please contact us if you wish to offer your services in exchange for a modest honorarium. Your contribution will help us maintain this beautiful and biodiverse EcoWisdom Forest Preserve. You will also help us cover the expenses of offering programming such as data usage fees which are considerable given our remote location and equipment including trail cameras. Your contribution will also be used to help maintain trails to facilitate access to natural points of interest that can be shared in person or virtually with people from around the world. Together we can work to improve the wellbeing of our planet.

Donations to the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve can be made by Interac e-transfer at  Donations of any amount are much appreciated and help cover the expense of implementing our forest management/protection plan. Thank you.