What is EcoWisdom?

EcoWisdom provides virtual and onsite services that facilitate human connection to the natural world. Through processes such as forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), mindfulness meditation, contemplation, and education, we believe participants can receive gifts and insights to support well-being at the individual and collective levels. This practice also supports participants in understanding their place as a part of nature within sets of interdependent relationships.

Ultimately, we believe that what is good for us as a human species is that which nourishes our home, Mother Earth. By fostering a deep relationship with creation, we hope to support bringing humans back into a state of balance within themselves, their communities and as a part of the earth’s ecosystem.

The EcoWisdom Forest Preserve is comprised of 200 acres of land with forests, wetlands, streams and a river. Located close to Algonquin Provincial Park, it is an important animal habitat for moose, deer, elk, bear, lynx and wolves. The goals of the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve are to:  

1. Protect the forest and its plant and animal biodiversity

2. Offer nature contemplation/appreciation activities

3. Provide environmental education

EcoWisdom Team