In Memory of Nancy

Nancy Lear

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Nancy was from Newfoundland and grew up with the progressive disability of Muscular Dystrophy. She volunteered in a variety of non-profit organizations for 30+ years advocating for, and with, persons with disabilities. Having a Bachelor of Arts, English major, helped Nancy in her career as well as in her leisure activities. She enjoyed creative and non-fiction writing and was a regular contributor to Balance Magazine. Since moving to British Columbia in 2013, Nancy studied at the Neil Squire Society and Simon Fraser University (SFU). She volunteered with the Canadian Assisted Travel Society where she enjoyed helping people with disabilities reach their travel goals. Being a travel fanatic herself, this volunteer position suited her to a tee.

In 2015, she joined Technology For Living (TFL) as their Peer Support Facilitator where she thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with peer members. She listened, encouraged and empowered people with disabilities to follow their dreams and aspirations. Nancy’s role expanded to include her engagement in participating in and co-facilitating the EcoWisdom Accessible Nature Wellbeing Programs. Her passion for nature began as a child. She grew up on a farm that set the stage for her continued love and respect for nature; its peace and tranquillity, and the countless healing powers nature has to offer was always a part of their life. Nancy passed away on December 20, 2021.

Nancy Lear Scholarship

To celebrate our dear colleague, Nancy Lear, and to recognize the enthusiastic energy she
brought to our Accessible Nature Wellbeing Programs, we are establishing a scholarship in her memory. As the Peer Support Facilitator at Technology for Living, Nancy understood the value of the ANWPs as a powerful form of peer support among those living with a disability. She witnessed the many ways that ANWPs were able to foster individual resiliency and build community capacity.

In recognition of all that Nancy contributed to EcoWisdom programming and leadership, we wish to offer free course tuition to a member of the disability community in British Columbia as a way to encourage the use of ANWPs as a form of peer support. We will start accepting applications on August 7th for our next training program starting December 1, 2022. If you are interested, you are encouraged to contact us at well in advance of this deadline.