Charlotte Ferrell

Charlotte Sista C Ferrell is Host/Producer of the SuLuAu radio show and a 100+ episode Powered by Age podcast series. She is considered a STARR because she is a Speaker, Teacher, and Author, who helps people Revitalize or Reimagine their stories. Her 20 plus years’ experience as a university health and humanities professor, Registered Dietitian, and poet have resulted in her being an inspirational mentor who helps people enjoy the healing power of expressing their lived experiences through a variety of creative methods.

People of all ages and nationalities attest how her poetry books, From Pillows to Pillars and Heart Balm-Just for You, have built their confidence in overcoming life’s challenges. Charlotte holds B.Sc. and M.A. degrees from Wayne State University, and a ‘retirement age’ B.Sc. degree in Digital Cinema and Video Production from The Art Institute of California-Hollywood. Two of her short films, One Score and 17 Nights and, Sisters Out of the Box, have won festival awards in ‘social issues’ and ‘audience inspiration’ categories.

Charlotte looks forward to co-creating exciting, experiential educational activities with EcoWisdom.