David Gordon

I (Dave, he/him) grew up in Toronto and love the city for its diversity and vitality, as well as its ravines and parks. I’ve spent decades using my bicycle to explore, travel and commute to work (even in winter) which gave me an intimate view of urban life while enjoying my explorations of urban green spaces.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to camping and canoeing as a youth and have continued to paddle each year with friends for companionship, exercise and the wide-ranging benefit of slow time in nature. During my 30 years of teaching High School, my life was enriched by the enthusiasm, integrity, commitment and positive outlook of students. It has been a great privilege to work with hundreds of young people ready and excited to take action for a more sustainable and just planet.

I am currently working seasonally as Course Director (Math and Science) at The Boundless School and I am also a Lead Steward at the Middle Mill site for Toronto Nature Stewards.

I look forward to continuing to be an active steward of the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve, habitat to wolves, bear, moose, deer and lynx. We invite you to come join us (in person or virtually) to learn about yourself and the planet.

Life Highlights:

  • Endless hours playing in the ravines of Toronto
  • Spending summers outdoors camping in Northern Ontario
  • Forming a biracial family and adopting our wonderful daughter
  • Working for 30 years as a teacher with the gift that is the energy and vitality of youth.
  • Having my school win “Greenest School on Earth” in 2015
  • Creating EcoWisdom with my partner Kari
  • Living off-grid on the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve (since March 2020)

Professional Training/Positions

  • BEs Environmental Studies (Waterloo)
  • BEd (Toronto)

Professional Links:

  • Board Member, EcoSpark (8 years)
  • Member, Ontario Benthos Biomonitoring Network
  • WHMIS Train the Trainer Certificate


Image description: Headshot of David, a smiling white person looking at the camera, while
sitting next to a river surrounded by evergreen trees in the background. Dave has grey short
hair and a beard, and is wearing glasses, a blue t-shirt, and khaki pants.