Ean Price

Ean Price (he/him) is the Innovation Strategist and Peer Team Lead at Technology for Living. Additionally, he owns ICAN Resource Group Inc., a diverse company specializing in Multimedia Design, Assistive Technology, and Accessible Travel. Ean’s primary focus is empowering individuals through the use of technology, advocating for independence and enhancing the lives of people with disabilities.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Ean has a passion for travelling and is actively involved in adaptive sailing. He dedicates his spare time to volunteering with local non-profit organizations, including the Tetra Society, Neil Squire Society, AbleSail Okanagan, and Muscular Dystrophy Canada.


Image description: Headshot of Ean, a white person facing the camera with a big smile, sitting in
a wheelchair with a headrest and torso strap, in front of an office background with windows. Ean has a brown beard and bald head, and is wearing thick-rimmed black glasses and a blue top. He has a breathing tube attached to his throat through a tracheostomy.