Erin Oluyemi

As a Community Mental Health Worker within the urban communities of Winnipeg, Manitoba, located on Treaty 1 Territory, Erin (she/her/they/them) has devoted the last 15+ years of their career towards her passion for equitable health & wellness opportunities and community restoration.

Erin aspires to incorporate mindful nature connection practices into her work and life, and as a result, has experienced positive impacts on family, health, relationships, creativity, and spirituality.

Inspired by gaps witnessed within systems of care, Erin established their private practice in 2020 to provide services that speak to the often-overwhelming human experience – making room for the body, mind, heart and spirit. Branch Out Therapeutics was launched to offer evidence-based, holistic opportunities for self-awareness, emotional expansion, physical ease, and spiritual connection to support overall personal growth.

Erin’s education and training is specialized in but not limited to: Accessible Nature Wellbeing Programming, Life Coaching founded in Neuroscience, Physical Somatic Release Techniques, Cross-Cultural Awareness & Integration, LGBTTQ* Affirming Practices, Truth & Reconciliation/Anti-Supremacy Efforts, Harm Reduction & Trauma-Informed Care, Bereavement & Grief Counselling, Palliative & Spiritual Support and Navigating Addictions & Mental Health. For more information, please see:


Image description: Headshot of Erin, a white person looking to the side with a smile, and
surrounded by big green leaves hanging from branches. Erin's hair is short, curly and light-
brown, and they are wearing wire-framed glasses, a red-patterned scarf, and white sheer long