Harriet Hamid-Collett

Harriet (she/her) was actively engaged in community development and disability advocacy when, in March 2020, she became ill with Covid-19. She developed complicated and life-changing post-infection conditions including Long Covid, POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), and Chronic Migraines. These health issues forced her to leave her role running a community project in inner-city London and reimagine her life.  

Harriet felt a longing to be in nature, but the physical limitations associated with her illnesses and concerns about reinfection made most nearby urban green spaces inaccessible to her. After training as an Integrative Forest Therapy Practitioner (in a modified manner), she has gone on to run online Forest Bathing sessions for people with Long Covid. She has discovered that you do not need to hike in wilderness areas to feel connected to the natural world. Taking an intentionally mindful approach to watching a snail on a leaf or following clouds moving across the sky can be powerful experiences.

She is a passionate advocate of the Social Model of Disability commonly used in Disability Studies and has experience making programs inclusive for herself and others through appropriate accommodations. You can find out more about Harriet and her work through her website www.kindredsoil.co.uk. Harriet is thrilled to join the EcoWisdom team and very excited about their unique approach which includes a deep commitment to inclusion, equity, and accessibility. 


Image description: Headshot of Harriet, a white person facing the camera with a big smile, in
front of a forested background with green trees. Harriet has light red hair with sunglasses
resting on the top of her head, and she is wearing a black and white striped shirt.