Heather Coulis

Heather (she/her) has a busy household that includes her husband, two children and several rescue animals. With her husband Adam, she runs a small home-based graphic design and t-shirt printing business. They work closely with several animal sanctuaries from concept and design, to printing and sales to raise funds for animal care.

Her home is filled with plants. Her job at a flower shop brings her much joy as she engages in conversation with customers about what a particular plant or flower might represent as a gift to someone in need of uplifting. Creativity feeds her soul. Heather is an avid crafter and has worked alongside a fused-glass artist for the last twenty-three years.

Heather has always had a deep connection to the natural world and is the recipient of the EcoWisdom scholarship for a person of Indigenous heritage. She is excited to share her knowledge of nature connection to support self-care and wellbeing as a member of the EcoWisdom team.


Image description: Headshot of Heather, a white person facing sideways in a forest and looking
up at a tree that she is touching with her hands. Heather has dark hair tied back, and she is
wearing sunglasses and a red & navy plaid shirt. Her rolled up sleeve reveals some tattoos on
her forearm.