Karen (Punki) Van Biesen

Punki is an EcoWisdom-certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide. She co-hosts a live radio program and has participated in Theatre Terrific, where opportunities in the arts are promoted for people of all abilities. Karen also consults on research projects on behalf of EcoWisdom. As a student of disability studies, sociology and anthropology, Karen is particularly interested in co-facilitating Accessible Nature Wellbeing Programs to foster community capacity building and a sense of belonging.

Photo Credit: Allison Youssef


Image description: Headshot of Karen (Punki), a white person sitting in a wheelchair and looking
sideways at an evergreen branch that she is reaching up to touch, with the branch connected to
a larger bush or tree directly behind her. Punki has short brown hair, and is wearing a black and
white jacket with a crackly pattern.