Kari Krogh

I (Kari, she/her) grew up playing with crayfish barefoot in creeks and running through grassy fields on my family’s organic farm. I am privileged to be able to live in-tune with nature once again on the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve after decades of urban dwelling.

I bring a robust set of professional trainings along with unique personal experiences to my contemplative forest bathing programming which I have offered in places such as urban greenspaces, forest preserves, retreat centres and online. My programming, offered in collaboration with co-facilitators, weaves together a foundational knowledge in neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness with a commitment to inclusion, compassion, community building and sustainability.

I am fascinated by the research in the field of forest medicine and have had personal experiences of deep healing and symptom management using mindfulness, meditation and forest bathing/ shinrin-yoku. I am deeply appreciative of all the opportunities I have had to connect with others who are interested in exploring nature’s profound gifts and fostering our commitments to caring for the earth and all her beings.

Life Highlights:

  • Receiving the Royal Society of Canada Alice Wilson Award for Academic Excellence (female emergent scholar)
  • Representing Canada at WHO Disability Policy Development Congress
  • Forming a biracial family and adopting our wonderful daughter
  • Taking my first steps with my physiotherapist after three years in a wheelchair
  • Experiencing nature’s healing properties with measured neurological improvements
  • Going on silent retreat in nature for five years & then creating EcoWisdom with my partner Dave
  • Living off-grid on the EcoWisdom Forest Preserve (since March 2020)

Professional Training/Positions

  • Senior Research Fellow with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • University Professor in Critical Disability Studies
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
  • Doctoral Internship, Neurology, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Community Development & Qualitative Research Consultant
  • PhD Human Development and Applied Psychology
  • MA Instruction and Special Education
  • BSc Environmental Studies

Supplementary Certifications

  • Nature and Forest Therapy Guide (6 months)
  • Interfaith Spiritual Accompaniment, Ontario Jubilee (2 years)
  • Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, MMTCP Brach/Kornfield (2 years)

Image description: Headshot of Kari, a smiling white person looking at the camera, while leaning
against a tree trunk outdoors, with evergreen trees and snow in the background. Kari has
straight strawberry-blonde hair that comes below the shoulders with bangs, and is wearing a
purple jacket and turquoise scarf.