Kim Dunlop

Kim (she/her) is an EcoWisdom-certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide who has been involved in co-facilitating accessible forest bathing programs for many years. Kim is a member of the core EcoWisdom instructor team who also offers support and training to EcoWisdom mentors within EcoWisdom’s Nature and Forest Therapy Guide certification program. She supports mentors and students in understanding concepts, practices and especially the process of contemplative, compassionate communication. Kim has dedicated her attention to research since 2022/23. Under the supervision of Forest Medicine researcher, Dr. Kirsten McEwan, Kim has been involved in studying the beneficial physical and emotional wellbeing impacts of EcoWisdom’s Accessible Nature Well-being Programs.

For over 20 years Kim has worked as a clinic owner and Registered Massage Therapist. She currently teaches Eastern Medical Theory-based workshops to other therapists. Kim guides mindfulness meditation classes throughout the year and is in the process of writing a book on self-care. Kim is also very active in many charitable events and local fundraisers for arts and health organizations. To learn more, see:


Image description: Headshot of Kim, a smiling white person looking at the camera, with trees in
the background. Kim has wavy salt-and-pepper hair that comes to her shoulders, and she is
wearing a magenta top and colourful scarf.