Kristie Cabrera

Kristie Cabrera (they/them) is a queer, Latine,
neurodivergent, accessibility and inclusivity consultant with
a background in occupational therapy. Kristie guides
organizations on how to improve their internal practices
around accessibility and inclusivity. Kristie is primarily
passionate about working with nature and food based
spaces. Having access to land and food can promote
healing, wellness, and ancestral connection and it is
important that everyone, including disabled and
neurodivergent people, have equal opportunities to these
benefits. Kristie’s work is centered around unpacking
ableism and views of the body/mind, helping staff to
understand accessibility and inclusivity practices, and
creating improvements to a site’s physical design, educational programs/curriculums, and work culture.
Kristie has worked with organizations like Rock Steady Farm, Woven Roots Farm, Food Culture Collective, and Oregon Humanities.
You can follow Kristie’s work through their website