Norma Lelless

Norma Lelless (she/her) earned degrees in German Language & Literature, Art History and Theology. She is a Certified Spiritual Director and a CASC Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner. She has received her certification in Enneagram contemplative and breath work practices taught by Russ Hudson and Jennifer Dibb. Norma retired from the College of Registered Psychotherapists (2021) and from her position as a Chaplain at North York General Hospital (2020). She retired as a university instructor in 2014. Norma is interested in Nature and spirituality. She believes that receiving the gift of Nature’s healing properties by attuning oneself to its forms, its rhythm and its melodies is the second most important way to experience the fullness and richness of life. The first is to live, as we were intended to, as responsible, committed caregivers of our Earth.


Image description: Headshot of Norma, a smiling white person looking at the camera, with tree
branches in the background. Norma has dark blonde hair with highlights that comes to the
bottom of her ears, and she is wearing glasses and a puffy black vest over a dark red top.