Rosemary Anderson

Rosemary Anderson (she/her) is passionate about learning, living a lifestyle that promotes wellness, and assisting people to be as healthy as possible. She has practiced physiotherapy for 40+ years and osteopathy since 2004. More info is on her website: Rosemary is grateful to have supported Kari during the 8-day onsite portion of her Forest Therapy training years ago and to have had opportunities since to assist with the Forest Therapy Programs Kari has led online and in urban parks/ ravines.

Rosemary grew up and still lives in the Beaches area of Toronto where her family had a canoe at the Silverbirch boathouse. She spent one month every summer swimming, canoeing, and camping growing up and has continued connecting to nature as an adult. Rosemary walks and pole walks daily and appreciates the beauty of nature within her neighbourhood, especially at Kew Gardens Park and Glen Stewart Ravine in Toronto where being among the trees reminds her of Narnia.


Image description: Headshot of Rosemary, a white person facing slightly away from camera
with a smile, and holding trekking poles while standing in front of a forested background with
trees. Rosemary has wavy hair that comes below her chin. She is wearing a white baseball cap,
a green long-sleeve t-shirt that says “May the forest be with you”, khaki pants, and she has a
mosquito net shirt tied around her neck.