Felicia Assenza

Felicia Assenza is a Naturopathic Doctor whose own healthcare experiences lead her to discover the benefits of naturopathic medicine. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree at McMaster University, majoring in Biology & Psychology and went on to earn her Doctor of Naturopathy degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

Felicia aims to share knowledge and experiences gained on her own journey to help others on their health journeys. Gentle curiosity guides her practice and much time is spent in office visits exploring symptoms and making connections to discover their root cause. She also loves food and gardening and believes both are among the most powerful medicines.

Dr. Assensa is very pleased to be a guest speaker for EcoWisdom’s six-month training for Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. In her teaching she highlights deepening our connection to plants by understanding their cultural significance and medicinal properties. She offers tips for making teas using a variety of commonly found flowers, plants, and sprigs from evergreen trees.