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Please be in touch with us if you wish to collaborate with EcoWisdom. We may also be available to provide in person nature connection programs in the region of South Algonquin, Hastings Highlands or Toronto. We have a team of facilitators available to provide customized virtual nature connection programs. We specialize in programming that is inclusive and accessible to people who may experience limitations associated with, for example, mobility, anxiety, communication, pain, and fatigue. We have experience working with specific populations, namely, people with disabilities/chronic illness, teens, educators, and seniors. We can be reached at

Appreciating Algonquin Nature Program

EcoWisdom is thrilled to offer guests of Hay Lake Lodge and Cottages, and visitors to the South Algonquin area an in-person mindful nature connection program designed to open your eyes and hearts to the spectacular beauty of this region. You will be introduced to the science and methods of the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, otherwise referred to as Forest Bathing. The program will include a guided nature meditation, poetry, and a series of invitations to foster a deepening connection to the natural world. We endeavour to create a non-judgemental, inclusive, atmosphere for sharing our experiences where participants are given opportunities to modify the way they participate. This relaxing 2.5 hr program will conclude with a wild harvested tea and light snack.
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Testimonials on the program.

Dr. Kirsten McEwan

Dr. McEwan, a researcher of forest bathing/forest medicine, has been a guest speaker for EcoWisdom’s Nature and Forest Therapy Guide training program. Our informal surveys, interviews and observations have documented wide-ranging benefits of our program model. Dr. McEwan is currently leading a formal research study involving qualitative and qualitative data on the impacts of EcoWisdom’s Accessible Nature Wellbeing Programs. This study has passed ethics review process associated with Derby University.

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Well Earth Collective

EcoWisdom is forming a relationship with a network of healthcare providers offering a range of support to people living with complex chronic illnesses. Their philosophy is consistent with EcoWisdom in that there is a recognition of reciprocal care – to truly heal ourselves we must also care for the earth. This was initiated by Dr. Riina Bray, M.D., Dr. David Fancy, Ph.D., and Dr. Aviad Elgez, N.D., and now involves many healthcare providers.

Well Earth Collective Website

Appreciating Algonquin Nature Program at Hay Lake Lodge & Cottages